Cafe Laguardia

2111 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
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About Cafe Laguardia

- Well-known in the local neighborhood for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect place for eating some home-style Cuban food, trying some well-prepared Cuban drinks from the fully-stocked bar, or just relaxing in the leather couches next to the fireplace.

If you are lucky enough to meet host Carlos Laguardia, owner of the restaurant, and Mama Laguardia when you come for dinner or a cocktail, you can be sure of a warm welcome. Carlos will always remember you and Mama will always have a smile ready!

Back in Bainoa, Cuba in 1950, Café Laguardia was a combination restaurant, grocery store and bar, strategically located in the center of town across the street from the main bus stop – actually, the only bus stop in town. Now it's here in Chicago! Although a long way from Cuba, it retains the same atmosphere and charm, and the same superb Cuban food and drinks. They use the same Cuban recipes, the food is always hot and made to order, and the customers are always made to feel at home.

"We love our customers" is the Café Laguardia motto. "They are our family. If we can't serve them good quality home made Cuban food, we should get out of this industry. Good Cuban food is worth the wait!"

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Reviews and Ratings


Omg Cuban nachos & Cuban sandwich were mind blowing! Wow
ashley (21 reviews | 111 orders)
Red_star Red_star Red_star Red_star Red_star
Great food! Taco salad was delicious!
Garin (15 reviews | 117 orders)
Red_star Red_star Red_star Red_star Gray_star
Diana (14 reviews | 137 orders)
Red_star Red_star Red_star Red_star Red_star
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